What’s happening with me now

Hi everyone I just wanted to give you all a quick update as to how things are going for me at the moment.  Well…….I have been working hard on my journal and will be updating/adding to it soon.  I am pleased to say that school is going well I had my interim report and was very surprised to find out that I haven’t fallen that far behind even though I have had sooooo much time off school. I even got a report for my PE teacher granted it only said “due to Paige’s condition she is unable to take part in PE” but at least it is better than last year’s which was left blank.

Since Channel 4 news was shown on TV so many people have stepped forward to say thank you to me and my family for having the courage to come forward and allow people into our lives and see past the smile on my face.  I wanted other sufferers to know that they are not alone that I am here going through it with them.

I will update again very soon, my journal will be updated asap

hope that all pains levels are as low as they can be

remember that when you are down the only way is up and when you are up the view is amazing just like each and everyone of you

Love and gentle hugs

Paige xx